All Saints Academy

Transforming the world through excellence, prayer, and diversity

Office and Administration

Name Contact Department
Laura Miller ASA Principal
Barb Branfield Administrative Assistant and Ed Choice Coordinator
MaryAnn Tilley Secretary and Bus Coordinator
Sue Casto School Nurse

Teachers and Aides

Name Contact Grade
Laura Wagner Kindergarten
Michelle Getz Grade 1
Beth Golonka Grade 1
Janette Stewart Grade 2
Jeanette Champlin Grade 3
Katrina Sheely Grade 4
Doreen Kohrmann Grade 5
Evan Gray Grade 6
Nick Hamilton Grade 7
Anthony Tienprasid Grade 7
Lynn Hauenstein Grade 8
Don Puthoff Grade 8
Jessica Lehr Library Media Specialist; Technology Education
Barbie Lockhart PE; Math (5-6)
Jacqueline Cason Music
Sophie Garbellini ELL
Ann Noll   Primary Aide
Rochelle McCall   Primary Aide
Oneda Eubanks   Library and Cafeteria Aide

Preschool Staff

Name Contact Department
Courtney Jones Preschool Director
Sheri Rhodes Preschool Assistant Director

Maintenance and Custodial Staff

Name Contact Department
Jeff Osborne Maintenance and Custodial Coordinator
Bob Aeling Maintenance and Custodial

Cafeteria Staff

Name Contact Department
Dorothy Aeling Cafeteria Manager
Bob Aeling   Cafeteria Worker

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